Welcome to Where to Run in London


This site is to help tourists; people new to London and locals find places to run in London. The idea’s to have all the information you need in one place instead of endlessly hunting around the net.

You head out, not really sure where you’re going and you end up standing in the middle of a busy crossroads looking lost and confused. This site will help.

It’s common for people to take their phone out running with them, to listen to music and for security reasons. But you don’t want to be stopping every half-mile and getting your phone out to geolocate yourself and look at a map.

The aim is that you can follow the runs on the site without the need for a phone. The routes have enough landmarks to follow so that you can leave your phone alone. Although this is not always possible and you may need to sneak a look, the best thing about running is that you can switch off and get the physical and mental benefits.

Running’s my passion and I want to share the fantastic places in and around London to run. Whenever I visit other cities, I take my running shoes with me to get out and see the city. More often than not, I see something interesting – a sight, park or restaurant that I’ll later end up going back to. Running in other cities have sometimes been fantastic due to the setup of the city, such as Valencia or not so good, where there’s too much road traffic and poor pedestrianised areas.

I’ve run all the routes on the site and the photos are all my own (where possible, I will be updating photos as the content grows) unless specified.

The site will continue to be built out and further useful content added.

The site will be kept up to date with any changes and also new and exciting running things going on in London.

The routes have been added to my Strava profile from where they can be downloaded or followed using your phone with the Strava app.

Please use the menu at the top of the page to navigate the site. I hope you benefit from the site and please leave a comment if you’ve found it useful.

Enjoy London!