Crane Park and River Crane

Crane-Park-Strava-Route-Where-to-run-in-LondonClick here for a zoomable map and the Strava Route

  • Distance – 4.0 miles
  • Surface –Tarmac and gravel paths
  • Terrain – Flat
  • Surroundings – Park, river
  • Traffic Free – Yes (stretches of the route follow roads)

A 4-mile loop taking you along the River Crane, a tributary of the River Thames and the local nature reserve, Crane Park on a site formerly used for gunpowder production in western Twickenham.

The Route

Starting at the eastern end near Whitton, enter Kneller Gardens looping clockwise around gardens and follow the river towards Crane Park. Head around Crane Park in your preferred direction and then back along the river to where you started.

Opening Times

Crane Park is accessible at all times. It’s not recommended to run on the route when it’s dark for safety reasons.

Getting There – Public Transport

The nearest Train station is Whitton. Kneller Gardens is 1 mile from Twickenham Station via more of the River Crane.


Only street parking is available. Please check for any payment requirements.

Food and Drink

No options are local to the park. Twickenham, Richmond and Teddington are all a few miles away.


There’s a parkrun every Saturday at 9 am at Crane Park. The start is by the children’s playground on the Twickenham/Richmond side of the park just off the A316.

Other Attractions

The nature reserve is free to visit at all times and great for children to enjoy. The Shot Tower is a Grade II listed building formerly used for lead manufacture is open on Sundays at 1.30 pm-4 pm.


Click here for the Strava route which you can print or export.